AyMINE – Ultimate framework for SaaS

Everything you need for modern enterprise services

AyMINE is a modern framework for rapid development of the cloud-based applications. The architecture is designed from the ground up to support delivering your solution as a service. AyMINE is the ideal guide for your entry into the world of SaaS services.

Basic Principles

All processes and business functions are handled by the back-end

Modular object-based system with messaging communication between modules

100% separation of the presentation layer and functional layer

Single system for mobile and desktop devices

Stateless architecture for ultimate saleability

Modules can be developed by anyone, Front-End and Back-End can have their own management

Multi-language support, support for different looks, custom branding

SaaS service runs on a single platform. Customizations are possible

Complete client & user management, communication, add-on sales

AyMINE - the strategic choice

Modern robust architecture built on REST API architecture

Excellent detailed documentation in English allows easy development by an international team

Independent of any other frameworks that could hinder development and create dangerous dependences

Object & module-bases Architecture allows replacing of any part without dependency risks

Constant updates and use of the latest versions of libraries and tools

Support from experienced architects

Multilingual support even at the data level - possibility of automatic translations of user data

Cost-effective solution

Save 100% time and 70% of the cost in compare to the in-house development

Significant reduction of additional costs for in-house development - you only need the capacity of back-end developers for PHP

Possibility to develop back-end in any language and platform from Java to Python

The runtime environment uses the most common LAMP stack (open source Linux, MariaDB, PHP/Python/Node)

Green IT system: Minimal system requirements, a regular PC is sufficient for dozens of users

The mobile app uses the open source Apache Cordova wrapper

Architecture that doesn't hinder development

The unique object definition of the entire application allows extending existing objects and entire modules without code intervention.

Two Layer Front-End

An architecture that doesn't limit. Custom JS/TS modules can extend Front-End in any way

New features and interfaces reach mobile app users without reinstallation

The UI is defined independently of the visual components - these can be changed for more modern ones independently of the business layer

Object back-end

The object layer allows existing objects to be reused

The persistent layer fundamentally simplifies development. At the same time, it is designed to be efficient and fully scalable

Efficient internal messaging maintains the logical independence of modules.

Plná podora více databází i externích modulů komunikujících přes vystavené rozhraní

Robust system modules

Complete management of clients, users, interfaces

Security in compliance with ISO 27000, TISAX standards

Access rights management at Enterprise systems level

Multi-level access management ready for on-the-fly redesign

Sophisticated interface support and management directly by system clients

Isolation of system administration from the user environment and data

Don't start from scratch - Ready-made application modules

The system offers a number of ready-made modules. You can easily integrate them with your own solution. Or build further development on them.

DMS - document management including indexing

CRM - contact management, marketing and business support

CMS - web portal administration, including user publication management

Integration with telephone switchboard, email and web form processing

Project management - planning, requirements management, task management. Support at ISO 26262, CMMI, SPICE standards level

Quality management system supporting organization and project management standards - ISO 9000, ISO 16949, ISO 20000, …

Product management, service management - full ISO 20000 support

Complete business process from email enquiry to service delivery or dispatch

Personnel management, management of employment contracts and organizational structure

Helpdesk - customer and internal, SLA contract support, processing management

I want to use the framework

Cloud? On Premise? Both!

Cloud and on-premise (running in your private cloud or company IT environment)

You can have full control of the application environment or build services without bothering about the servers and all needs of the operation

You might develop and sell your own services running in the AyMINE cloud with full operational control

99.9% – we take care

Product of Czech company PDQM

Over 20 years of experience in operating the system in 24 × 7 mode

Guaranteed service quality

99.9% availability for 20 years

EU-based staff, operational environment and legal conditions including GDPR. The technical staff is from the Czech Republic

More about the AyMINE framework

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