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User Rights

Description of the user rights defined by the system module

Overall system management

Special group of rights is used for system management and client management. They are visible only for super-user client environment

  • sysSuperadmin – Manager of the clients. Has rights to define and modify clients.

Client-related system rights

The following system rights are used in the client scope

  • sysEverybody Basic right the person should have to be able to login
  • sysAdmin – System administration at the client level. Account gives rights to define and manage user groups
  • AllUserManager – Right to see all users in the system. In the task module this right gives right to assign a task to anybody in the company. Necessary for quality managers and high-level managers that shall have right to assign task across the company
  • sysAdmin:setUserPassword – Right to change user password

Rights linked with security vaults

  • vaultManager is able to defined and offer encrypted vaults in the system.
  • walletOwner has right to use the vault. People without this right cannot be invited to share the vault

Special rights


Special rights for top managers gives rights to see (but not edit) information that are generally hidden by common rights. It allows visit all personal information. Right is not commonly available and is use


Right for commercial authors of the content that could be sold to other clients.

People with this right could create content with the commercial protection. E.g. they can create process definitions, methodologies and similar content and sell it to other clients. The content has copyright protections so that the users can use but they cannot export it and re-sell.